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School Calendar 2019-2020

Fundraisers & Volunteer Opportunities

We have several fundraisers throughout our school year. Our most popular are our Car Raffle, Annual School Dinner and BBQ Fundraisers. For any information regarding our fundraisers and how to get involved call our school office!

We encourage all parents to be active and in supporting of our school. We always welcome any parents wishing to volunteer in our fundraisers, school day, events. Please call the school office for more information.

After School Activities 

We have three seasons of sports. Soccer, Basketball, and Volleyball. All students are welcomed to participate and exercise! We are always welcoming parents to join us in supporting or crusaders in their games away and at home. We have a wide variety of clubs available for your child. From art to chess your child will have ample choices to grow and expand their qualities.

Parent Corner: Activities
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